SUSA is an ever-changing group of ukulele players and enthusiasts who are dedicated to having fun and fellowship while strumming and singing a wide variety of fun, popular and very memorable songs.

Meetings are typically held on the second Sunday of each month, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

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Just a Lonely Frog- Lookin' for a Home

Paul Flora is a PGE employee. It has been through him that we have been meeting in their building.  Some other groups have not been left the site in as good of condition as it was when they came.
We have never been like that. Everyone of SUSA has been a thoughtful, considerate and appreciative visitor in someone else's building.   But, rain and snow fall on everyone.  The word  NO, when seen from the other side, reads as ON. The change of PGE policy gives us the opportunity to  find a different location somewhere in the Salem area.
If you have any ideas, please let us know.  Do you think it might be wise to have a  Site Committee? Have a desire to be a part of it?  Let us know that, too.  If we can find a free site, the dues will stay low. Portland is $5.00 per person to pay for the rent of their building.   Time is of the essence.
It does not have to be a space with tables.... just space.  Chairs would be nice.  We have 19 folding music stands which covers 38 people, and no doubt some of you have one or two of your own you could bring.
You can send your replies through SUSA or directly to me at  or call my electronic dog collar  503-730-2484 . 
Upward and Onward,
Bill Thompson


Summer Break.  More Info To Follow.

Loaner ukes are always available for those who don't have one, but want to learn.

$2.00 is collected at the door.

SUSA is a family friendly association.

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